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Patient Success Stories

  • Leif Nelson, Transocean

    Dr. Sabadra has been the best dentist I have visited Ever. He has done an excellent job performing a Difficult Root canal and a crown .I Thank him for his patience and flexible schedule to Complete the work best regards.

  • Mr. Subhash Khatri
    New Jersey, USA

    It was pleasure to visit Dr. Prafull Sabadra. He is very courteous and absolutely the best dentist I have seen anywhere.

  • Niranajan (Nick) Pardasani
    Anilta Corporation
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    During the 35 years I have lived in USA and Canada, I have been seen by many dentists locally. But no one has impressed me as much. Dr. Sabadra's personalized attention, professionalism, the nice soothing atmosphere with all the state-of-the-art equipment combine to make this a great experience. He's the best! I always look forward to my visit to Mumbai. Now, I have one more reason to visit Mumbai; Dental care by Dr Sabadra! Thank you for great service. I will be sure to mention this to all my friends in Los Angeles!

  • Mr. Iain Grysak

    Dr. Sabadra has taken care of all the dental work I have been putting off over the years such as changing fillings and root canals. It was all very painless and in fact quite comfortable. A very honest and skilled dentist. Thank you!

  • Shul Khalfan
    New York, USA

    A very efficient, high-tech with a very cool hand and friendly atmosphere. I would not mind traveling over 5000 miles to come to Dr. Prafull's dental work! Thank you!

  • Sylvia Kronick
    Westport, Connecticut, USA

    I am an American who came to Mumbai, India to volunteer my time and work with Mumbai, India Mobile Crèche’s. My bridge broke and with great anticipation I came to Dr. Prafull Sabadra. He was fantastic, patient and caring. He made me a better bridge than I had and was exemplary with his care and treatment. I wish I could take him back with me! Thank you doctor!! I’ll never forget you!!

  • Michael Gibbs

    Having been quoted 4000 pounds in the UK for dental treatment, I found Dr. Prafull on the Internet. The service was excellent and quick. It took only three days for a lot of treatment. Big thanks to all the team.

  • Luisa Di Finizio

    Well I went very nervously to see Dr. Sabadra. I was even more upset when I saw the pictures of my very yellow unpleasant teeth. However, Dr. Sabadra filled me with hope when he said he could change all that for me –I thought yeah yeah I have heard all that before……… It has been a very long journey to get where I am today but I have to say I am now the proud owner of lovely teeth where people that don’t even know me have commented on my teeth. I have had a few moments when I thought I had had enough but every visit has been worth it. I am your classic nervous patient which I am sureDr. Sabadra will confirm. I have moaned from the beginning to the end. Dr. Sabadra has been extremely patient with me and very comforting. I completely trust him 110% with my teeth and would have no hesitation at all in recommending him and do very often. His staff has also been lovely to me. I consider myself very lucky to have found Dr. Sabadra – what more can I say…… I now have lovely teeth. Thank you all so much!!!!

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