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Teeth Whitening

Q. Should I have my teeth whitened?
  • Many people believe that Teeth Whitening can make them look younger and more attractive. It is for you to decide if you wish to have whiter teeth.
  • Unattractive stains on teeth can be removed by whitening.
Q. What are the available methods for tooth whitening?
  • Professional whitening Peroxide is the whitening agent that the dentist will use. A "curing light" is sometimes used with the peroxide to accelerate the bleaching process. Most bleaching techniques include the use of mouth trays. These fit firmly over the teeth, but do not reach the gums.
  • The trays are filled with a paste or gel containing bleach.
  • The dentist will provide these trays for use in the surgery and for you to take home.
  • The dentist will tell you how to use the trays at home, how often to use them, and for how long to keep them in the mouth.
  • You will stop repeating the treatment when you are satisfied with the colour of your teeth
  • Additional treatments may be needed to maintain the lighter colour.
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