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Patient Success Stories

  • USA
    Sigrid Owen
    U.S Consulate, Mumbai

    Dr. Sabadra has been treating me for over a year. He is always very professional, friendly and extremely clear in presenting and explaining what needs to be done. He is certainly the best dentist I’ve had. Thank you!

    Thank you so much for your work. A lot of density was needed in such a short time. Despite this you rose to the challenge whilst keeping to your professionalism all the time. How can you improve? Carry on in the same way! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to return next year from the UK.

  • Ramesh Devu

    Thank you for saving my teeth in which I lost hope. Also, thank you for saving me thousands of dollars. Good luck.

  • Mary Cox, Martha's Wineyard, USA -

    Thank Doc, Great Job! You will be highly recommended to all in need of Fabulous dental work.

  • William Grieves

    Dr. Sabadra assisted in a dental crisis involving a cracked tooth. This resulted in a new crown being installed of a quality much better than the one I already had! I must say, the quality and professionalism are better than any American dentist that I’ve ever used! I will be returning.

  • Mr. Raza Suleiman and Ms. Marzia Suleiman
    Florida, USA

    We came to Mumbai for our dental treatment, but with a lot of worries & questions in our mind, bit with an excellent service, friendly environment and complete satisfaction provided by Dr. Prafull and his staff, we only say “HE IS THE BEST.” Thank you so much.

  • Ms. Ramona Alston
    Edmond, Oklahama, USA

    I was skeptical, Dental work in India ? Dr. Sabadra not only is good, He is great! I’m fortunate to have found him. My bridges & feelings are perfect and through his artistry, my smile is greatly improved. I’m delighted and highly recommend Dr. Sabadra.

  • Claude Burce
    New York, USA

    Dr. Sabadra went out of his way to provide a very quick & efficient job for a fraction of cost what I would have paid in USA. Thank you so much for all this. Thank you

  • Mr. Subhash Khatri
    New Jersey, USA

    It was pleasure to visit Dr. Prafull Sabadra. He is very courteous and absolutely the best dentist I have seen anywhere.

  • Shul Khalfan
    New York, USA

    A very efficient, high-tech with a very cool hand and friendly atmosphere. I would not mind traveling over 5000 miles to come to Dr. Prafulls dental work! Thank you!

  • Mr. Peter Williams
    Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

    One of the nicest dental offices I have ever been to. Much nicer than anything in the United States. Doctors were awesome.

  • Mr. J. K. Verma
    Houston, USA

    This place is as good as you find in the west, staff very professional, place very neat & doctor very skilled.

  • Sigrid Owen
    U.S. Consulate

    Dr. Sabadra has been treating me for over a year. He is always very professional, friendly and extremely clear in presenting and explaining what needs to be done. He is certainly the best dentist I’ve had. Thank you!

  • Bill Wainwright (Director of Global Operations Assurance, Transocean)
    Mumbai, India- India

    Amazing experience. Best dentist I have ever had worldwide. Absolutely meticulous in his work. First class service in all respects. Dr. Sabadra’s experience is a tribute to anyone who sees him.

  • Ms. Lynne Gadkowski and Mr. Kiron Nath (Consulate General of USA)
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you for your attention and care to our dental needs. We appreciated your staff’s comfortable service and friendly nature. All the best.

  • Mr. Steven Myers (India Manager, Transocean)

    Excellent work to repair two broken crowns. Very professional and excellent, friendly service.

  • Tanuja Vaswani (Vice-President, Citibank)

    Feel very comfortable with Dr. Prafull looking at and treating my teeth. The place is beautifully done up!! Very Hygienic!!

  • Sapana Amin (Fashion Designer)

    Dr. Sabadra has been the best dentist I have visited, ever. He has done an excellent job performing a difficult root canal and a crown. I thank him for his patience and flexible schedule to complete the work; best regards.

  • Mr. Leif Nelson (Operations Manager, Transocean)

    I am so happy with my smile - it’s been five years and the amount of compliments I have received is amazing. Dr. Sabadra is a perfectionist; he took so much care and gave me exactly what I have always wanted - A Beautiful Smile.

  • Robyn Remeika (US Consulate, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Dr. Sabadra: Thank you so much for your top quality care! I have always received the best diagnoses and treatment from you. I’ll miss this clinic when I return to the US.

  • Ms. Lulu M. Evoy
    Connecticut, USA

    Many thanks for your superb work - my teeth feel excellent and healthy. I definitely recommend him!

  • Sylvia Kronick

    I am an American who came to Mumbai, India to volunteer my time and work with Mumbai, India Mobile Crèche’s. My bridge broke and with great anticipation I came to Dr. Prafull Sabadra. He was fantastic, patient and caring. He made me a better bridge than I had and was exemplary with his care and treatment. I wish I could take him back with me! Thank you doctor!! I’ll never forget you!!

  • Raquel Wanwright

    When I had come here, I needed a lot of work to be done. I was very under confident about my smile. No confidence about my mouth entirely. And now a year later I have a great smile, I have had compliments. I feel great about my whole mouth and my smile. Thank you very much Dr. Sabadra.

  • Mr. Gordon Feller
    San Fransisco, USA

    The best for a great price.

  • Mr. Jim Finlay (Manager,Transocean)

    Fantastic work! What a difference you have made. You are a credit to your profession. The best dentist I have ever seen.

  • Mr. John Rowald
    Atlanta, USA

    After being quoted almost $11,000 for veneers in Atlanta, I began to look for less expensive alternatives. I did some research and found Dr. Sabadra. I was able to combine a vacation to Mumbai, India and receive expert dental care. Including a set of 8 high quality veneers, airfare, 10 nights in 5-star hotels and all the extras that come with being on vacation, I still managed to save more than $ 4,500. Dr. Sabadra’s office and equipment is as state- of-the-art as anything I have seen in the States and I could not be happier with his work. I would encourage anyone interested in cosmetic dentistry to consider coming to India to have quality work done in a professional and affordable manner.

  • Mr. J. Varma

    This place is as good as those in the West. Staff very professional, place very neat, and doctor very skilled.

  • Mr. Elton Brewington (Brightside Consulting)
    Irvington, USA

    Congratulations on your new launch! Wishing you many successful returns.

  • John Verbic

    Dr. Sabadra has been our family dentist for 4 years and if you visit his clinic, it´s easy to see why. My father was a dentist in the US and I have very specific expectations for quality of care and oral hygiene. The Centre´s team of specialty experts, state-of-the-art equipment, warm ambience and friendly service easily meet the highest international standards of dental practice. And the topper: the specialized paediatric wing. It´s exceptional - Can you imagine our children actually enjoy going to the dentist? Now that´s amazing! I strongly recommend Dr. Sabadra´s Advanced Dentistry Centre

  • Mr. Bansi Bharwani

    Great work! Doc was great. Dr. Sabadra accommodated our tight schedule and feet a worm over our family and implant????????. Would greatly recommend him to anyone.

  • Ms. Maria Elena

    Absolutely wonderful! Saved my trip, solved my problems and I was on my way to visit the rest of India. Thank you!

  • Dr. Nisha Chhabria (Neurosurgeon)

    This was a much calmer experience than it would have been in the States. I appreciate the time you took during my visit to explain all of my options. Very professional.

  • Mr. Joan Bharwani

    Love my new smile!! Dr. Sabadra and his staff were friendly, clam and professional. Many thanks.

  • Mr. Tom Wright (Head of British Business Group and General Manger of Cathay Pacific Airways - India , Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and President, British Business Group)
    Mumbai, India

    Another wonderful job. Thank you so much.

  • Mr. Benjamin Bass

    I am very pleased with Dr. Sabadra and his staff. Very professional and skilled at their work. Thank you.

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