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Patient Success Stories

  • UK
    Mark Whatmough
    Brighton, UK

    I had been having very bad experiences in the UK and was recommended to Dr. Prafull. However, I have been absolutely amazed at the standard of treatment, the professionalism of Dr. Prafull and his staff and the high quality and inexpensive cost of dental care given. His practice does put dentists in the UK to shame. I am fortunate enough to visit Mumbai often. Dr. Prafull will now be my regular dentist. Thank you so much!!

  • Mr. Owen Smith

    A well-priced and efficient service. A friendly and welcoming approach to dental care. Most appreciated!

  • Mr. Matthew Bevis

    I can now smile with complete confidence thanks to Dr. Sabadra and his team. I came to India for dental treatment that I had been putting off as I couldn’t afford it in the UK. On the strong recommendation of my family (all of whom have been treated by Dr. Sabadra prior to me), I came to Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre in Mumbai, India. Dr. Sabadra has exceeded all expectations and completed rigorous work to an excellent standard. I cannot recommend Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre and services enough. Thank you so very much Doctor! All the very best. P.S. See you again soon…………

  • Michael Gibbs

    Having been quoted 4000 pounds in the UK for dental treatment, I found Dr. Prafull on the Internet. The service was excellent and quick. It took only three days for a lot of treatment. Big thanks to all the team.

  • Ray Stewart

    Impressive, professional – a “pleasant” experience (yes, that is possible in a dental chair). Will surely be recommending you to friends – so no higher praise needed.

  • Alix Richardson
    Maiderhead, UK

    Dr. Prafull replaced my crown. Wonderful job, very carefully done – with no infection!! Thank you.

  • Sir Roger Jones--Chairman --Welsh Development Agency-- Cardiff - UK

    Excellent Service ! I am grateful for the most professional service you have given to me.

  • Ms. Clare Holton
    Brighton, UK

    I had always wanted to have my I teeth corrected as I had always been very conscious of them, but could never afford dental treatment in the U.K. In fact, because of the cost I have been avoiding dentists for many years! I had already planned to travel to India for the holidays, and decided to look on the internet to see if dental surgery in India would be possible. After finding Dr. Sabadra’s website, I emailed him. He was so helpful and accommodating. He managed to make time for me even though I had a lot of work to be done and very limited time to do it. He has gone out of his way to make time for me and give me the best attention possible. Before traveling to India, I was obviously a little anxious about receiving treatment here, but once I met Dr. Sabadra and saw his surgery (i.e. Clinic or Centre), I was completely reassured. The standard of treatment he has given has been excellent. I couldn’t be happier with my smile, the best Christmas present ever! ? I would definitely encourage anyone who cannot afford cosmetic dentistry in England to consider Dr. Sabadra. He has been fantastic.

  • Mrs. Prabhavati J. Patel

    I met an English lady in a bank who recommended Dr. Prafull Sabadra. I never imagined that Dr. Sabadra would provide such wonderful and caring treatment which I never had back home. The ethic of Dr. Sabadra is recommendable and commendable. My dream has come true from impossible to possible.

  • Mr. Steve and Ms. Anastasia Taylor

    Having come to work in India, Dr. Sabadra was able to perform work on my wife to complete her smile that UK dentist were unwilling to undertake. Her success plus pleasure with the outcome persuaded me to visit & have work done after an embarrassing period of a time away from a dentist. Both very happy.

  • Jill Thorpe

    Firstly Thankyou Dr. sabadra – You are a perfectionist but yet manage to Achieve ‘ Natural Perfection’ in other words my teeth are just perfect but still look natural, Something very important to me. Thanking you always.

  • Melanie Carr
    Kensington, London

    Well here I am again, one year later with Dr. Prafull! More outstanding workmanship, highly skilled! Superb! My friends in London could not believe my teeth were so natural-looking! Not that ghostly false Hollywood smile that is so “white” that you know the person has been to a surgeon! My friends and colleagues are now coming to Bombay to see Dr. Prafull Sabadra. Anyone who wants to talk to me about teeth, you are more than welcome to do so! Call me anytime. –

  • Major Singh Sanghera
    Slough, England

    I found Dr.Prafull Sabadra to be a top, top professional. My wife had major work done on her teeth, is overjoyed with the standard of work and no pain. Please keep the excellent standard of work going. Wishing you and the staff the best .

  • Mr. Derec Contrill
    London, UK

    I found Dr. Sabadra after searching a lot for a good Dentist in Mumbai as I was visiting India on business for 2 months. I had concerns on existing upper central crowns & poor gum condition. I was amazed by Dr. Sabadra’s approach where time was not an issue. The first appointment lasted 4 hrs, no rushing like in London. The work undertaken over weeks period was comprehensive & professional. The result in an improved smile & confidence is excellent. The cost was reasonable too, compared to London. Thanks Dr. Sabadra.

  • C. M. Shah ( C. Ramon & Co.Ltd-109,Clarence Gate Gdns, Glentworth Street --London)

    Just to say thank you for looking after my dental problem. I had my Root Canal Done at Singapore as well as in London, but treatment and care I received from you exceeded all my expectations. I would recommend you to any person who is looking for a good & caring dentist in India. Your approachable nature really touched me.

  • Vladimir Mishchenko ( Large Laboratory-Falrfax House,15,Fulwood Place--London)

    With this letter I would like to express my gratitude for a high quality dental treatment i have received in your center since feb-2003. During this period of time i have three bridges replaced by you including a special surgery to reinforce one of the supporting tooth. All porcelain bridges installed by you serve me well. I want to make a special emphasis on the creative & aesthetic nature of your job results whether it is bridge, crown or filling. I shall definitely continue to be a client of your dentistry center.

  • Mr. Jocelyne and Ms. Colin Humphrey

    Thank you for your wonderful care & attention, you have transformed our teeth. They now look beautiful. We are very impressed with your modern state of the art facilities & technique. We are leaving India with a new look & feel to our teeth for which we are very grateful. Thank you for the effort & the result.

  • Ms. Susan Baker , British National Revisiting us after a year.

    After Leaving Our Life working In Mumbai 9 Months Ago I Am Back Bringing Another of My Sons With Me For Some Major works Needed. Since Leaving Mumbai in Both UK &Turkey, so Many Friends, People Have Openly admired My Teeth After Doctors Good Works. .I Shall Return In Another l0 Months Time. Thank you Dr. Sabadra And Team. Matts Detailed Treatment Has Given Him The Colgate Smile of Confidence. After ll Years With A Damaged Front Teeth, Fantastic! A Holiday With A Difference Results Will Be With Him His Life Time

  • Bill Wainwright (Director of Global Operations Assurance, Transocean)
    Mumbai, India- India

    Amazing experience. Best dentist I have ever had worldwide. Absolutely meticulous in his work. First class service in all respects. Dr. Sabadra’s experience is a tribute to anyone who sees him.

  • Ms. Lynne Gadkowski and Mr. Kiron Nath (Consulate General of USA)
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you for your attention and care to our dental needs. We appreciated your staff’s comfortable service and friendly nature. All the best.

  • Ms. Jennifer Gammell (British Council, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Well, it has been a long journey of four and a half years. I can’t say that I look forward to going to the dentist, but this clinic has indeed made it a much more pleasant experience. My smile is much improved; thanks for taking such good care of my teeth. Who am I going to see now? I will miss my visit here; great to see how your clinic has grown and expanded. Keep in touch.

  • Ms. Susanne Hemund (Third Secretary, Swiss Embassy, London) UK

    Excellent, professional and friendly service.

  • Mr. Michael Lehrmann (MD and CEO of Investment Banking; Cantor, Fitzgerald and Co)

    Great dentist. Great personality. Thank you Prafull.

  • Mr. George Tilley (Director, British Gas)
    Mumbai, India

    Very much liked the experience from explanations of options through development of treatment plan and delivery. First class results. The experience was painless and Dr. Sabadra works very cheerfully. Can’t ask for more!! Highly recommended.

  • Mr. Steven Myers (India Manager, Transocean)

    Excellent work to repair two broken crowns. Very professional and excellent, friendly service.

  • Mr. Roger Calmeyer (MD Colgate-Palmolive India Ltd. Vice-President South Asia region)
    Mumbai, India

    Dr. Sabadra is an excellent practitioner. Very professional and handles patients with care and diligence. No complaints at all. I highly recommend him.

  • Mr. Matthew Norris (Chief Information Officer, Asia, Standard Chartered Bank)

    Now all of my fillings are fixed. I can chew away without worry!

  • Mr. Seamus Toal (Deutsche Bank)
    Singapore and Germany

    Dr. Prafull and team have done a wonderful job for me. They always go the extra mile to fit me in when I am in India. Best wishes.

  • Ms. Melanie Carr
    London, England

    English Dentistry is dreadful! I had not been to a dentist for four years. What this amazing man has done to my veneers and crowns, 12 of them in 10 days is quite outstanding!! I will always fly to Mumbai, India to have my teeth attended to. I will never visit a dentist anywhere in England ever again. I will recommend all my friends and colleagues to fly to him and him alone. His expertise, workmanship and human touch are remarkable.

  • Mr. Christopher Moore (HSBC)

    Dr. Prafull’s treatment was absolutely astounding. I have gone from a mouth of metal and cavities to set of pearly whites, and you couldn’t possibly tell they are not completely natural. I shall be bringing along my family and friends- particularly as, in comparison to the UK, it is so inexpensive. You can’t lose.

  • Mr. John Pestell

    Excellent professional set-up. Lovely, helpful team of people. It’s the first time we ever enjoyed coming to see the dentist. TUDOBEM TUDO BOM TUDO JOIA!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hills
    London, UK

    Prafull I am not surprised at what we have seen! Such excellent facilities more than world class reflect your desire.

  • Ms. Claire Murch

    Have had a wonderful experience at Dr. Sabadra’s clinic. Great work done, very professional approach, even by his staff. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good and kind dentist.

  • Ms. Naomi Shashoua
    London, UK

    Very efficient and professional. Few mixed feelings before I got there, but the entire staff worked as a team. I feel totally satisfied with all the work carried out and would definitely recommend Dr. Sabadra and his very efficient staff. May need to visit again to maintain the brilliant work. Thank you so very much. All the best to all on the team. Good work and I am very pleased.

  • Ms. Bola Egbewunmi

    I didn’t want to go ahead with this procedure (sealing, polishing, cleaning) but my husband convinced me. Oh my god!!! I am so happy. I hope my teeth stay this way for life. I’ll forever love the welcoming staff!!

  • Ms. Karen Bull

    I am very sorry to leave Bombay and also Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre. I used to hate the dentist, but not anymore. Best wishes to him and his staff.

  • Mr. Stephen Currey
    London, UK

    Fantastic job! I can now smile with confidence. I felt safe throughout the entire treatment.

  • Mr. Neil Shah

    Very professional and friendly staff. Excellent equipment and clinic. Very happy with my smile now.

  • Joocelyne and Colin Humphrey

    Thank you for your wonderful care and attention. You have transformed my teeth; they now look beautiful. We are very impressed with your very modern, state-of-the-art facilities and techniques. I am leaving India with a new look and feel to my teeth for which I am very grateful. Thank you for the effort and the result.

  • Mr. David Blair
    Fitch, UK

    Great work done each and every time for the last four years.

  • Mr. Bharat Unarkat

    Thank you Dr. Sabadra for an excellent professional treatment received. Really happy and satisfied with the service received.

  • Mr. David Allan (Horse Racing Jockey)

    Dr. Sabadra has done a fantastic job on my teeth and is a very nice man who makes going to the dentist enjoyable. I’d recommend him to everyone. Thanks!

  • Jemma Trobe
    London, UK

    Thank you for looking after my family and me so well. Always so happy with the service and your lovely staff.

  • Ms. Annette Blair
    London, UK

    Thank you for looking after my family and me so well. Always so happy with the service and your lovely staff.

  • Mr. N.K Mishra, Tata Steel, Chorus
    Cardiff, UK

    Very good experience given that dental treatments are rather scary for me. Dr. Sabadra makes it look easy.

  • Ms. Pauline Harvey

    Thorough, efficient and pleasant experience. When I return in September, I may come in as a patient again.

  • Ms. Alison Macfarlane

    Thank you for looking after us all. Go well.

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