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Patient Success Stories

  • Spain
    Mr. Erick Rovina (Consulate General of Spain, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Congratulations on your new clinic! Next time I come, I want a foot message.

  • Mr. Antonio Bullon (Consul General of Spain, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Well thought out treatment proposals; good service; thanks to your team also. All my family members use this dental office.

  • J. A. Barutell (Consulate General of Spain, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland)
    Mumbai, India

    I think Dr. Sabadra is one of the best dentists in the world. I will tell the dentists in Switzerland and Spain to come to Bombay to learn Dentistry and the Dental Profession. Thank you very much and have the assurance of my recommendation.

  • Dr. Antonio Passaro

    Felt so much joy after my treatment. A great job and such a friendly spirit. Thanks.

  • Mr. Julen Garamend (Consulate General of Spain, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    I am very grateful to Dr. Sabadra for all the work being done and above all, for the excellent treatment I have always received. Truly, Dr. Sabadra is the best dentist Iíve had. I will miss him when I will leave India.

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