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Patient Success Stories

  • South Korea
    Mrs. Lee Jae Won ( General Manager of Samsung Life)
    South Korea

    Dr. Sabadra is a really excellent dentist. I have never found any problems in his treatment. My family likes him very much. During my stay in India, I am very thankful for Dr. Sabadra’s kindness and excellent services. I wish you prosper.

  • Mr. C. Y. Hwang (General Manager, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. LTD.)
    South Korea

    Thank you for your kind and professional services in dental treatment. I was extremely happy with your kindness and gentle attitude. I sincerely hope these services will be extended to all the patients visiting this clinic so that they may feel full satisfaction in them too. I believe this dental clinic will be prosperous with patients looking for good services.

  • Mr. D. J. Kim (Sr. General Manager, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.)
    Mumbai, India

    I was very much impressed with special technology and beautiful facility. Very satisfied with explanation given regarding treatment to patients. Thank you very much.

  • Mr. Deva Kim (Hyundai Representative) Mumbai, India

    Dr. Sabadra is the no. 1 dentist in Mumbai, India. He is a very kind, sincere and good doctor; also, my family like him very much. I am satisfied with his care and the excellent facility.

  • Mr. Koh Young-Jun
    South Korea

    Thanks for your support, kindness and warm caring manner while fixing my teeth.

  • Min Soo Jung
    South Korea

    The clinic is very clean furnished with comfortable furniture. Staff’s very helpful and kind. Good treatment.

  • Ms. So-Young Guem
    South Korea

    So good! I was impressed! Fast and wonderful.

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