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Patient Success Stories

  • India
    Raquel Wanwright

    When I had come here, I needed a lot of work to be done. I was very under confident about my smile. No confidence about my mouth entirely. And now a year later I have a great smile, I have had compliments. I feel great about my whole mouth and my smile. Thank you very much Dr. Sabadra.

  • Mr. C. Y. Hwang (General Manager, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. LTD.)
    South Korea

    Thank you for your kind and professional services in dental treatment. I was extremely happy with your kindness and gentle attitude. I sincerely hope these services will be extended to all the patients visiting this clinic so that they may feel full satisfaction in them too. I believe this dental clinic will be prosperous with patients looking for good services.

  • Ms. Usha Thorat (Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank Of India)
    Mumbai, India

    Doctor has it all- Equipments, skills & manners!

  • Mr Vijaysingh Thorat (Advocate General (Govt. of Maharashtra )

    Approaching a dentist fills one with apprehension if not with fear. Few months back I was required to undergo root canal treatment. In my first meeting Dr. Sabadra put me at ease and explained the procedure which was required to be performed. He had modern equipment to treat every day dental problems. I was impressed by the ease with which he performed the treatment. He was most accommodative for follow up appointments and suggested various dates which were mutually suitable. During meetings with him we shared information unrelated to dental field. I found him to be warm, friendly and inquisitive about development and knowledge in various disciplines. I appreciate the work done by Dr.Sabadra and wish him good luck and prosperity. I recommend him whole-heartedly to people who may have to face such problems in future.

  • Mr. Bhagwan Khurana (Group president - Reliance Telecom.)

    From "bits to bites", is how I can express my experience with Dr.Prafull Sabadra. When I first entered his clinic, I was able to eat only in bits and pieces. Now after treatment,I am able to take big bites. His personal interest and friendly interaction greatly helped in reduction of pain while in the dental chair. I thank Dr.Prafull Sabadra for his excellent diagnosis and treatment

  • Shri Chaganraoji Bhujbal (Ex-Deputy CM of Maharashtra & Currently PWD Minister)

    The best Doctor, but more then that a best man .Feel comfortable while taking treatment with best equipment.

  • Mr. Dalip Verma, Managing Director, Tata AIG general Insurance.

    Terrific facility with excellent hygiene. Great treatment & nice enviable staff. Keep up the good work. I will be back.

  • Ms. Susan Baker. ( British resident) currently living in Mumbai, India.

    This page says it all except, on top of everything already said, A dentist who can cure a patient who has spent a life in fear of dentist – is a dentist in a million. I now willingly come bak for the treatment.

  • Mr.N. Balasubramaniam (Chairman and Managing Director of SIDBI - Small Industries Development Bank of India)

    Great experience, Good treatment, with least pain. I believe a perfect job done. Excellent work.

  • Mr. Ashok Sinha (Chief Managing Director , Bharat Petroleum )
    Mumbai, India

    I have been coming over the years to Dr. Sabadra and have received excellent treatment. Though it is not always easy, he takes all the pains to ensure the treatment goes smoothly. I wish him the very best.

  • Maeve Brown
    London, UK

    Thankyou so much for your work. A lot of density was needed in such a short time.Despite this you rose to the challenge whilst keeping to your professionalism all the time.How can you improve ?-carry on in the same way! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to return next year from the u.k.

  • Bill Waingright
    Mumbai, India

    Amazing Experience Best Dentist I have ever had Worldwide. Absolutely Meticulous in his work. First class service in all Respects. Dr Sabadra’s Experience are a tribute to anyone who see’s him.

  • Mr. Praveen Vashishta (MD & Chief representative for India - Zurich risk management services ( India) Pvt. ltd.)

    Dr. Prafull Sabadra has been my dentist for a long time now. What strikes me about his personality ,almost immediately is his calm, cheerful disposition and his quiet unassuming confidence. His commitment to his job, his environment and his patients is impressive. Dr. Sabadra is skillful, suave and sagacious. He inspires confidence by his willingness to clear the layman’s doubts step by step by his total dedication to his profession. I wish Dr Sabadra every success and happiness in his professional and personal life.

  • Mr. Joseph Koch (Director, Swiss Business Hub)
    Mumbai, India

    Wonderful job done. I am very happy with the professional job done. Will recommend this clinic to everyone.

  • Mr. R. Krishnamurthy (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, SBI Life insurance)
    Mumbai, India

    Impressed by Dr. Prafull’s facilities & his personal care. Truly internatonal quality with Indian touch. Best wishes for growth & prosperity.

  • Dr. Antonio Passaro

    Many hours, many joy afterwards. A great job in friendly spirit. Thanks!!

  • Mr. Roger Calmeyer (MD Colgate-Palmolive India Ltd. Vice-President South Asia region)
    Mumbai, India

    Dr. Sabadra is an excellent practitioner. Very professional and handles patients with care and diligence. No complaints at all. I highly recommend him.

  • Trevor Bull (MD, Tata AIG Life Insurance)
    Mumbai, India

    My teeth needed a lot of care and attention. Got it all professionally - with no pressure to do more than necessary. More importance was given to options and I was treated as the person who owns the mouth versus the typical focus on the teeth that needed to be treated. Recommend to anyone. Our whole family comes here for check-ups and treatments.

  • Mr. Leif Nelson (Operations Manager, Transocean)

    Dr. Sabadra has been the best dentist I have visited, ever. He has done an excellent job performing a difficult root canal and a crown. I thank him for his patience and flexible schedule to complete the work; best regards.

  • H. Sawhney
    Hanau, Germany

    Dr. Sabadra’s way of handling, his advice and approach to the problem made me feel at home and satisfied. Many thanks!

  • Margot Arnold-- From UK visiting her Daughter in Mumbai

    Excellent result and extremely good attention to details. The results were better than I had anticipated and now I have bright white teeth. Will be back for more dental work soon. Thank you

  • Mr. Alfred Schmidt (Managing Director, Helm India)
    Mumbai, India

    Being terrified of Dentists all my life, I have finally found one whom I completely trust & who took care of me in an excellent manner. No pain at all and yet we had to do a lot of work, incl. Root canals & surgeries. I can only highly recommend this clinic to everyone who is afraid of Dentists.

  • Mr. Seamus Toal (Deutsche Bank)
    Singapore and Germany

    Dr. Prafull and team have done a wonderful job for me. They always go the extra mile to fit me in when I am in India. Best wishes.

  • Karim Mekachera (Regional Director, Atout France)

    Normally people think visiting the dentist is not a pleasant moment! Most of the time, they are right….. but with Dr. Prafull this is not right anymore! Excellent doctor and actually excellent result and without any pain! Bravo! Congratulations Doctor!

  • Peter E. Specker
    Consul General of Switzerland

    For three months, I was a regular guest of Dr. Sabadra's clinic and during this time he put back in perfect manner my teeth which were suffering during my long-lasting stays in different countries. Thank you.

  • Sigrid Owen
    U.S. Consulate

    Dr. Sabadra has been treating me for over a year. He is always very professional, friendly and extremely clear in presenting and explaining what needs to be done. He is certainly the best dentist I’ve had. Thank you!

  • Sharon Landry,
    Canadian Consulate

    Thanks to the excellent work of Dr. Sabadra I now have a great smile!

  • Abdul Kareem Al- Jhni
    Royal Consul General of Saudi Arabia, Mumbai, India

    Really very good work. I would like to thank Dr. Sabadra and all the staff so much..I am very happy. Now I feel younger than before.

  • Talal F Al – Dalk
    Consul General of Kuwait – Mumbai, India

    Shame my teeth were not as they are now for so many years. Excellent work and many thanks.

  • Mr. Jan F. Van Vriesland
    Consulate General Of Netherlands, Mumbai.

    On recommendation of Dr. Sabadra,I had orthodontic work done on my lower teeth. The outcome was worthwhile, even though I was about 35 yrs late. Thanks to both Dr. Sabadra en Dr. Nikhilesh for a professional job done. Next time the Queen visitsI can actually smile at her. Also thanks to the even friendly members of Dr. Sabadra’s staff and team sincerely reminding so I would not be late for my appointments. I can highly recommend this best Dentists office in town.

  • Bill Wainwright (Director of Global Operations Assurance, Transocean)
    Mumbai, India- India

    Amazing experience. Best dentist I have ever had worldwide. Absolutely meticulous in his work. First class service in all respects. Dr. Sabadra’s experience is a tribute to anyone who sees him.

  • Pier-Paolo Dipaola (BNP Paribas - Head, Continental Europe)
    Paris, France

    How do you make coming to the Dentist a positive thing? I guess this is what Dr. Sabadra does through his smile, his professionalism and his clarity on what to expect. One word of appreciation for the whole team in the office that takes equally good care of the patients. Thank you all!

  • Christine Horat (Swiss Consulate General)
    Mumbai, India .

    I was always scared about going to the dentist. Dr. Sabadra has not only done a wonderful job, but he also convinced me that dentists are not “as bad”. The veneers look just great. Thank you so much. (2 years later) I came back after two years to solve another problem with my teeth. It was done very well and I will be back in six months for another treatment. Thanks Dr. Sabadra and see you soon again.

  • Major Singh Sanghera
    Slough, England

    I found Dr.Prafull Sabadra to be a top, top professional. My wife had major work done on her teeth, is overjoyed with the standard of work and no pain. Please keep the excellent standard of work going. Wishing you and the staff the best.

  • Sapana Amin (Fashion Designer)

    I am so happy with my smile - it’s been five years and the amount of compliments I have received is amazing. Dr. Sabadra is a perfectionist; he took so much care and gave me exactly what I have always wanted - A Beautiful Smile.

  • Ms. Debora Bienz (Swiss Consulate)
    Mumbai, India

    It has been a pleasure knowing Dr. Prafull and having my teeth treated by him for the past three years. Dr. Prafull is an extremely skilled dentist and works with very modern equipment.

  • Mr. D. J. Kim (Sr. General Manager, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.)
    Mumbai, India

    I was very much impressed with special technology and beautiful facility. Very satisfied with explanation given regarding treatment to patients. Thank you very much.

  • Mr. Lal Daryanani (Lamos Group of Companies)
    Hong Kong

    Dr. Prafull is not just my dentist. Over the last decade, he has become more of a friend. I’m probably one of his first few patients and fans. If I have a minor dental problem, I wait until I get back to Mumbai, India to see my dentist and good friend, Dr. Prafull. Best wishes.

  • Mr. Joseph Koch (Director, Swiss Business Hub)
    Mumbai, India

    Wonderful job done. I am very happy with the professional job done. Thank you for the best treatment I have had in my entire life. Easy, competent and accommodating. Will recommend this clinic to everyone.

  • Ms. Selma Kriegner (Expat from Austria)
    Mumbai, India

    He is my dentist since we arrived 3 years back, I’ve done all fillings, whitening, veneers. He is very good, I highly recommend him.

  • Ms. Anjana Mehra (renowned artist)
    Mumbai, India

    When I come to Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre, I feel that I am in safe hands, with an honest dentist who does only what is necessary. I feel fortunate to come here.

  • Mrs. Lee Jae Won ( General Manager of Samsung Life)
    South Korea

    Dr. Sabadra is a really excellent dentist. I have never found any problems in his treatment. My family likes him very much. During my stay in India, I am very thankful for Dr. Sabadra’s kindness and excellent services. I wish you prosper.

  • Ms. Susan Baker , British National Revisiting us after a year.

    After Leaving Our Life working In Mumbai 9 Months Ago I Am Back Bringing Another of My Sons With Me For Some Major works Needed. Since Leaving Mumbai in Both UK &Turkey, so Many Friends, People Have Openly admired My Teeth After Doctors Good Works. .I Shall Return In Another l0 Months Time. Thank you Dr. Sabadra And Team. Matts Detailed Treatment Has Given Him The Colgate Smile of Confidence. After ll Years With A Damaged Front Teeth, Fantastic! A Holiday With A Difference Results Will Be With Him His Life Time

  • Mrs. Leenata Phatak (Cognizant, Executive)
    Mumbai, India

    I am a very satisfied patient. For the last eight years, I have been treated by Dr. Sabadra. He is very professional and always treats his patients with care and a personal touch. I am also very happy with the ambience and state-of-the-art technology that the clinic provides. Thanks.

  • Mr. Mohammed Al Nuaimi (Consulate General of Kuwait)
    Mumbai, India

    I feel big different when I come at the First time it was in 2005 and now it’s 2007. Thank you very much.

  • Mr. Paulo Pinto (Consulate General of Brazil)
    Mumbai, India

    I am very happy to have found a competent and dedicated dentist in Mumbai, India. Thank you for your help

  • Mr. Walter Stechel (Consul General of Germany)
    Mumbai, India

    Going to the dentist will never be fun, but I felt secure in careful, professional hands. I’m happy with the results and will recommend Dr. Sabadra.

  • Sigrid Owen
    U.S. Consulate

    Dr. Sabadra has been treating me for over a year. He is always very professional, friendly and extremely clear in presenting and explaining what needs to be done. He is certainly the best dentist I’ve had. Thank you!

  • Allan Adriansen (Head of Field Finance at UNRWA)

    Excellent treatment and advice. Highly recommended. Thanks.

  • Mr. Herve Laroche (Communications and Information Officer, Embassy of France)
    Kabul, Afghanistan

    I came over from Afghanistan just to meet Dr. Prafull Sabadra, who is well-known here and overseas also. I must sincerely say that I would never get such a good job in my home country, France. With high patience, good staff and efficiency, Dr. Prafull is certainly one of the or even may be the best Dentist in India. Wherever I would be posted next, I would come back to him and get work done by him. Thanks a lot of everything.

  • J. A. Barutell (Consulate General of Spain, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland)
    Mumbai, India

    I think Dr. Sabadra is one of the best dentists in the world. I will tell the dentists in Switzerland and Spain to come to Bombay to learn Dentistry and the Dental Profession. Thank you very much and have the assurance of my recommendation.

  • Mr. Bernhard Bienz (First Secretary and Consul of the Swiss Embassy, Bangkok)
    Mumbai, India

    Dear Dr. Prafull, What you did is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to everybody I know.

  • Mr. Joseph W. Eisele (Consul General of Switzerland, Swiss Consulate)
    Mumbai, India

    I highly valued the very professional dental care rendered by Dr. Prafull Sabadra. Going to Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre was such a comforting experience. Thank you very much for the very good care.

  • Mr. Y.S.P. Thorat ( Deputy Governor Reserve Bank of India and Managing Director, NABARD)
    Mumbai, India

    Fantastic dentist - professional, ethical and a great gentleman.

  • Mr Fawzi Alshammari (Consul, Kuwait Consulate)
    Mumbai, India

    Thanks so much. I am very happy! See you soon.

  • Ms. Natasha Oberoi (Model and aspiring Film Actress)
    Mumbai, India

    Just a little change can make a world of a difference. Today is my birthday, so I have received my best birthday present so far. I’m very happy with my teeth. I love the craftsmanship. There will definitely be much more smiling. Thank you for my beautiful Colgate teeth.

  • Mr. Thierry Mixa ( Consul General of France, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Do you know how to say “ Cheese” in French? It’s FROMAGE! Thanks to Dr. Prafull I’m going to say that more often now because he gave me a lovely smile! You are not only a great doctor, you are also a great human being! Thank you . Will definitely let my Friends & Colleagues know about you.

  • Mr. Jean Christopher Demarquis (Consul General of France)
    Mumbai, India

    A very competent and dedicated dentist. Knows how to explain his work. For the first time in my life it was “almost” a pleasure to go to the dentist! Thank you.

  • Ms. Kahini Arte Merchant (Renowned Artist)
    Mumbai, India

    It is pleasure to be treated in a well-equipped state-of-the-art dental clinic. No one looks forward to visiting a dentist, but Dr. Prafull Sabadra is both gentle and competent and the peaceful ambience and well-appointed interiors of the clinic add to the calm experience.

  • Ms. Lous Suurmeyer (Consul General of Netherlands, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    It was a very nice experience to get my dental treatment with Dr. Prafull and his staff. This treatment was actually better than that at home.

  • Mr. Nasir Ali Khan
    Mumbai, India

    It Wish you all the very best Prafull! May you continue to prosper. We cannot think of going any were else. The bug has bitten us. Good luck!

  • Mr. Chandru Bharwani and Ms. Asha Bharwani,
    Mumbai, India

    Excellent facilities available, even ones we could not have imagined. We wish you both all the success. God bless!

  • Mr. Chandan Bhattacharya (Ex Managing Director, State Bank Of India)
    Mumbai, India

    Best facilities I have seen so far, we feel indebted that so much effort is made for our benefit.

  • Mr. K. C. Gupta
    Mumbai, India

    Excellent, very helpful, impressive and cheerful! Wish you all very best in the future.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michel Roy (Calyon Bank, France)
    Mumbai, India

    Impressionnee et admirative! Good luck; see you soon.

  • Ms. Neena Senapati
    Mumbai, India

    A perfect setting for a perfectionist like you!

  • Ms. Neena Senapati
    Mumbai, India

    A perfect setting for a perfectionist like you!

  • Mr. Abhay Shah
    Mumbai, India

    Congratulations! Excellent setup of professional and bright dentists.

  • Dr. Armin Bruck (Managing Director and CEO , Siemens India, Germany)
    Mumbai, India

    We really admired the unique design and high space efficiency. Outstanding. All the best. (1 year later) It was an excellent experience having been treated by Dr. Sabadra. I am overwhelmed with the final result and the exceptional explanations offered throughout; certainly will recommend him.

  • Dr. Khushboo
    Mumbai, India

    Dr. Sabadra is the best dentist we have ever seen and his centre is fabulous - he just set a new benchmark for all other dentists.

  • Ms. Sharon Landry (Canadian Consulate, Mumbai, India)

    It is indeed a pleasure to see your dream of an expanded full service office become a reality. Thank you for all your help as well as that of Dr. Vaid. Alex and I are very appreciative. Congratulations and all the best wishes for continued success.

  • Mr. Rick Mc Elrea (Canadian Consulate, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Fantastic! You know how to “wow” your patients, how to relax your patients and how to make a dental office warm and welcoming. Best wishes. Thank you!

  • Mrs. Renuka and Gautam
    Mumbai, India

    It’s amazing to see what heart and soul in a profession will bring out. A clinic that’s a class apart. Thank you and all the best.

  • Mr. Rasesh and Rashmi Shah (Renowned Vastu Expert)
    Mumbai, India

    Usually people shun from going to the dentist, but this is the kind of dental centre clinic where anyone would love to come again and again.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thielitz(German Consulate, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    For the five years you have looked after our teeth, we have always been impressed. Thanks.

  • Mr. Roshan Dedhia
    Mumbai, India

    I am awestruck. A great combination of technology, subject expertise, and comfort for the patient.

  • Mr. Tushar and Dr. Swati Parakh
    Mumbai, India

    A very soothing and a pleasant environment with a lot of infrastructure from around the world to support the activities. One can come here forgetting all the tooth woes and be assured of a pleasant treatment experience.

  • Mr. Chhagan Bhujbal (Hon. Deputy Chief Minister Of Maharashtra)
    Mumbai, India

    My friend Dr. Sabadra is indeed the best dentist. Now he has a dental center that compliments him - such a clinic is not seen anywhere else in the city. Here everything is the best. Best of luck!

  • Mr. Chayeanubthi and Chapat Neto (Brazilian Consulate, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    I wish the best for you. Thank you for taking care of my teeth in such a good way.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh Kapadia
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you for taking care of our family’s dental health for the last 15 years. We are very much satisfied with your treatment. We are glad that you have expanded the horizon in the area of dental care through your one-stop Advanced Dentistry Centre. We wish you much success.

  • Mr. O.P. Bhatt (Chairman, State Bank of India )
    Mumbai, India

    I am glad I have Dr. Sabadra to look after my teeth. All the best.

  • Dr. Anil. P. Shah
    Mumbai, India

    Setting such very high standards will change the concept of future dental clinics.

  • Mr. Erick Rovina (Consulate General of Spain, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Congratulations on your new clinic! Next time I come, I want a foot message.

  • Mr. Yaqoob Al- Mawash (Kuwait Consulate, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Congratulations! God bless you and hope the very best for you.

  • Ms. Rashmi Prasad (State Bank of India, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Congrats! Very impressive and modern. Wish you all the best.

  • Dr. Shalaka Phatak /h5>
    Mumbai, India

    Heartiest congratulations! Excellent set up with all equipment best of luck.

  • Mr. M. B. Kapadia
    Mumbai, India

    Hearty congratulations! Very impressive and everything under one roof is very good.

  • Dr. C. P. Meera (Family Physician)
    Mumbai, India

    More prosperity and an even more successful future! Very good technology is provided in this dental clinic.

  • Mr. Sunil and Ms. Monica Mathur (Director of Finance, Siemens India)
    Mumbai, India

    Visiting you now will be an even more pleasurable experience than it has been already. Extremely impressive.

  • Ms. Nidhi Motani
    Mumbai, India

    Beautiful and technologically advanced clinic. All the best!

  • Dr. Bina Mulchandani (Family Physician)
    Mumbai, India

    Superb combination of aesthetics and advance technology congratulations wishing and the very best in future god bless!

  • Dr. Astrid Velho (Family Physician)
    Mumbai, India

    Excellent aesthetics, great vision. All the very best!

  • Rashmi Sabadra
    Mumbai, India

    This Dentistry Centre is wonderful! Warm with artistic touches and technological prowess. Very, very proud to be here witnessing the wonderful achievement of my brother and bhabi. All the very best!!! Rock Hard!!!!

  • Ms. Delna Karbhari (Concierge Association of India)
    Mumbai, India

    The BENCHMARK for all dentistry clinics in India. Thank you Doc!! Congratulations, plus all the very best!

  • Suniti Kale
    Mumbai, India

    You have done a great job; all the very best wishes for a wonderful future.

  • Dr. Ranjana Thatte (Consultant, Hindustan Unilever Limited)
    Mumbai, India

    All of my patients are going to be recommended to this clinic; wish you all the best.

  • Mr. H.M. Sabadra

    I am very happy to see all of your tremendous progress. Yet, I know it’s just the beginning and the sky is the limit for you. All of the very best facilities to satisfy your patients who are kings.

  • Kashmira, Cyrus ,Sheroy and Parizad Kolah
    Mumbai, India

    You are the best; there’s no second best. All the very best!

  • Mr. Sanjiv Saran Mehra
    Mumbai, India

    Impressive set up - all the very best and congrats!!!

  • Mr. Vasudeo Shah
    Mumbai, India

    I have come across the best and the most advanced dentistry centre - the population in Mumbai, India will definitely be benefited. I wish Dr and his family the best of best!

  • Mr. Madhav Pande
    Mumbai, India

    This is the best and possibly only state-of-the-art dental clinic in Mumbai, India.

  • Robyn Remeika (US Consulate, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Dr. Sabadra: Thank you so much for your top quality care! I have always received the best diagnoses and treatment from you. I’ll miss this clinic when I return to the US.

  • Ms. Lynne Gadkowski and Mr. Kiron Nath (Consulate General of USA)
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you for your attention and care to our dental needs. We appreciated your staff’s comfortable service and friendly nature. All the best.

  • >
    Mr. Munna and Ms. Razia Mitha
    Mumbai, India

    Congratulations! May the Almighty bless your rooms and we will pray for your success always! Best wishes.

  • Ms. Jennifer Gammell (British Council, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Well, it has been a long journey of four and a half years. I can’t say that I look forward to going to the dentist, but this clinic has indeed made it a much more pleasant experience. My smile is much improved; thanks for taking such good care of my teeth. Who am I going to see now? I will miss my visit here; great to see how your clinic has grown and expanded. Keep in touch.

    Ms. Yolaine Heldman (First Lady, Ger
  • man Consul General, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Now it’s the end of the year. Dr. Sabadra accomplished marvelous work with the new crowns. Sure, I’ll come next year to you again! There’s plenty of work to do in my mouth. I’m very trustful because “my” dentist will arrange everything properly! Thanks a lot and surely we will meet next year again!!

  • Ms. Yolaine Heldman (First Lady, German Consul General, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Now it’s the end of the year. Dr. Sabadra accomplished marvelous work with the new crowns. Sure, I’ll come next year to you again! There’s plenty of work to do in my mouth. I’m very trustful because “my” dentist will arrange everything properly! Thanks a lot and surely we will meet next year again!!

  • Mr. T.S. Bhattacharya (Ex-Chairman and Managing Director, State Bank of India)

    I have enjoyed the treatment at Dr. Sabadra’s clinic. You get your teeth replaced with a smile and without any pain. Keep it up.

  • Mr. D. K Kambale (General Manager, IDBI)
    Mumbai, India

    The right dentist with excellent equipment, amazing skill, precise technique and the right advice who makes my teeth healthy and strong.

  • Ms. Geeta Marathe (State Bank of India)
    Mumbai, India

    It was really a beautiful experience to take dental treatment from Dr. Sabadra. He is an expert doctor, very confident and takes so much joy in his work. He builds the same in the patient. He has helped me with my smile. Thank you for building up the smile of my life.

  • Mr. R.N. Bhardwaj (Former Chairman of Life Insurance Corporation of India)
    Mumbai, India

    A very competent, dependable and understanding person who evokes confidence in patients for their treatments. One feels complete pleasure to receive treatment from him. Good experience.

  • Mr. George Tilley (Director, British Gas)
    Mumbai, India

    Very much liked the experience from explanations of options through development of treatment plan and delivery. First class results. The experience was painless and Dr. Sabadra works very cheerfully. Can’t ask for more!! Highly recommended.

  • Dr. Yusuf Merchant (Drug Rehabilitation Specialist)
    Mumbai, India

    Great office, great man! You really put me at ease during the procedure.

  • Dr. Meena Kaushik
    Mumbai, India

    Great place! So clean and welcoming; and, of course, Dr. - You’re the best!

  • Dr. C L. Chouhan (Chouhan Medical Clinic; Gamca Medical Centre)
    Mumbai, India

    Excellent clinic! Wishing you all the best. My warm wishes for Dr. Sabadra’s success in the dental field to achieve the no. 1 position as the leading dental surgeon of Mumbai city.

  • Mr. Janusz Bylinski (Consul General of Poland in Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    I am fully satisfied with the thoroughly professional service. This quality of dental care, which also includes very reliable surgery and the attention, offered to patient.

  • Ms. Birgit Ortner (Consulate General of Germany, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Very positive experience. I’m very happy.

  • Ms. Marjike Van Drunen Little (Consul General of Netherlands, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    I have always had total trust in the professional nature of my Indian dentist. You have proved that repeatedly. Thank you.

  • Ms. Winniefred Sihlangu (South African Consulate General, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Service is very professional and the staff is always there to offer good service to the patients. Communication service is also professional because you are always reminded about your appointment through a SMS notification and calls. The clinic itself is beautiful and you feel welcomed immediately when you enter. I would definitely recommend my colleagues to come to this clinic for their dental problems. Thank you very much.

  • Ms. Martin Garamendi (Swiss Consulate, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Very good treatment and super clean place.

  • Mr. Jacques Challes (MD L’oreal India)
    Mumbai, India

    I have to say that Dr. Sabadra’s clinic and his staff has changed the way I used to look at the dentist; now I associate my visits with joy. The place is warm and modern. The staff is very friendly. They welcome greatly. Thanks.

  • Ms. Erin Hunt (Canadian Consulate, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    World class dentistry with a smile. We can only hope to find a dentist who is half as welcoming and as skilled in our next home, Canada.

  • Mr. Nezar A. K. Saleh (Kuwait Air Ways)
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you so much what you did for me and for my teeth. I really feel big difference between my teeth before and after good luck and thanks.

  • Mr. Jacques Michel (CEO and Country Head, BNP PARIBAS India)
    Mumbai, India

    A very professional team led by Dr. Sabadra, state-of-the-art equipment, efficient treatment and affordable price - half of that in Hong Kong. I strongly recommend Dr. Sabadra’s clinic for all professionals posted in Mumbai, India.

  • 5Ms. Aanchal Kumar (India’s leading fashion Diva)
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you so much for the most painless and comfortable experience.

  • Mr. Deva Kim (Hyundai Representative) Mumbai, India

    Dr. Sabadra is the no. 1 dentist in Mumbai, India. He is a very kind, sincere and good doctor; also, my family like him very much. I am satisfied with his care and the excellent facility.

  • Ms. Nicole Topfer (Consul Immigration at the Consulate General of New Zealand, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    I have been treated by Dr. Sabadra for the last two and a half years, while living and working in Mumbai, India. His professionalism and standard of worksmanship are very high. The staff who work in Dr. Sabadra’s clinic are also very professional, yet still friendly. Good service and as painless as possible. Actually makes going to the dentist pleasant. Thanks a lot I will be recommending you to my friends and if I am back in Mumbai, India, I will be back too.

  • Mr. Peter Forby (Regional Director, South Asia, West Australian Department of State Development)
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you very much for your work which was delivered in a friendly and very professional manner. I can now smile much more thanks to you.

  • Mr. Ahmed Ali Al–Hamdi (Consul General of Yemen, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    I, the Consul General of the Republic of Yemen in Mumbai, India hereby state that my surgery of implantation of four tooth and installation of lower jaw kit has been completed at Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre, 87-88 Lady Ratan Tata Medical Center, Cooperage, Mumbai, India-21. I am now able to eat normally since he has given me back my smile. The credit goes to perfection, expertness and aspiration of Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Center. I have advised all of my family members who are facing dental problems to go to this clinic. Presenting to him appreciation, thanks and wishing all the best in his future.

  • Mr. Willem Aarsten (Deputy Head of Mission, Consulate General of Netherlands, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Great Job! Thanks for your very kind, human touch/approach. Should I not come back for my teeth, then certainly for the friendship. So long and you are welcome to my house in the Netherlands always.

  • Mr. Christoper Gills (American Consulate, Mumbai, India)

    An awesome experience; great service. Will surely visit again.

  • Ms. Monika Gweder (Consulate of Switzerland )
    Mumbai, India

    Excellent treatment; very good service; thank you.

  • Mr. Antonio Bullon (Consul General of Spain, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Well thought out treatment proposals; good service; thanks to your team also. All my family members use this dental office.

  • Mr. Alain Pfeiffer (Country Head and CEO, Society General Bank)
    Mumbai, India

    I am extremely happy with Dr. Sabadra’s service. Perfect work and a lot of sympathy. Happy to recommend Dr. Sabadra’s service to my friends.

  • Mr. Walter Brindgens (Max Muller Bhavan, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Excellent treatment! Thanks a lot.

  • Mr. Tom Wright (Head of British Business Group and General Manger of Cathay Pacific Airways - India , Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and President, British Business Group)
    Mumbai, India

    Another wonderful job. Thank you so much.

  • Ms. Hajar Al- Eisa (Corporate Support Manager, Dubai Quality Group)
    Mumbai, India

    The BEST dentist to whom I have ever been. Thank you so much Dr. Sabadra.

  • Mr. Sunil Mukhi (Senior Professor and Coordinator, Physics Pune)
    Pune, India

    Dr. Prafull is truly the best. Visiting his clinic is a comfortable experience and his skills are really impressive. For once, I look forward to my dental visit.

  • Mr. John Wright (Mumbai, India Coach and former Indian Cricket Team Coach)
    Mumbai, India

    In the hands of a Master. Very many thanks. Look forward to seeing you again, very best wishes

  • Mr. Andrew Harrison (General Manager, Four Seasons, Mumbai, India)
    Mumbai, India

    Would love to come here every week.

  • Mr. Benoit Jean Bernard (Consul General and Director of the Quebec Consulate, Mumbai)
    Mumbai, India

    Would love to come here every week.

  • Ms. Madhu Bhojwani, Bollywood film producer

    I have been living in Mumbai all my life and for all those years I had been in search of a good dentist. After trying many different dentists, a close family friend suggested that I call Dr. Sabadra . He had great results and said Dr.Sabadra was terrific. I immediately called to make an appointment for a check-up and the rest, as they say, is history. Dr. Sabadra and his staff are extremely professional, friendly and competent. Just recently I decided to have my laminates done . This was a big decision, but I knew that I was in very capable hands with Dr. Sabadra. After the entire process was completed, I still cannot stop looking at my teeth! I feel more confident about myself and I am thrilled. Dr.Sabadra only uses the best material and takes his time with every individual. If it is an examination, root canal, or fillings, you get the same attention no matter what. You can search your whole life through finding a great dentist, but if you are reading this, your search is over. I would recommend him without hesitation !

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