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Patient Success Stories

  • Denmark
    Ms. Ingrid Mirchandani Esperguerde, Denmark

    Thank you for a very pleasant treatment, It was a great experience to get treatment in such a modern & hygienic clinic in India. I will always come back here if I need some major dental care.

  • Inge Mollback- Kaerulduangen 20, 2680 Solrod Strand-Denmark.

    The most pleasant dentist visit, I ever had. Have had two porcelains filling which I never heard about earlier. Previous filling are made of plast. Thankyou again.

  • Mr. Ole Samuelsen (Principal Consultant, Capgemini)

    I have had my teeth straight and all my fillings Remade. The treatment has at all stages been most professional and efficient and I can only give Dr. sabadra and Dr. Gopinath My warmest recommendations. Please contact me if you need more information.

  • Allan Adriansen (Head of Field Finance at UNRWA)

    Excellent treatment and advice. Highly recommended. Thanks.

  • Inge Molliback

    The most pleasant dentist visit I have ever had. Have had two porcelain fillings which I never heard about earlier (my previous fillings were made of plastic). Thank you again.

  • Jochen Meister

    Initially I was a bit skeptical weather I should go to a dentist in India. But now Iím absolutely convinced that Dr. Sabadra offers world class standards. I also like friendliness and flexibility, something which you hardly find at dentist in Europe. Many thanks to Dr. Sabadra and his team.

  • Mr. Jetha Mulchandani

    My daughter, wife and I have been treated at Dr. Sabadraís Advanced Dentistry Centre and all of us have come out of it with full satisfaction. Thank you.

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