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Patient Success Stories

  • Australia
    Fran Van Der Loon Australia.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Sabadra & his staff. I’m living in Mumbai & previously used to have my dental visits to my return trips to Oz. An emergency forced me to seek treatment locally. I was so impressed with standards of the care and modern equipments & techniques that I went on to have cosmetic enhancements completed. Now I envisage returning to India (Dr. Sabadra’s surgery) when I again live in Australia!! Many thanks for a job well done.

  • Mr. Nicholas Evans (Ex Country Head -Foreign Bank now in Sydney -Australia)

    What I would say is that the results of the whitening process far exceeded my expectations. Also I was very impressed with the correction of my 1 crooked bottom tooth. It took all of 3 minutes to make a huge change which has significantly enhanced the appearance of the whole row of front bottom teeth.

  • Lea Pereira (New South Wales Dept. of Education Sydney-Australia)

    Dr. Prafull Sabadra is outstanding dentist who uses modern technology to great advantage. He couples it with the traditional Indian caring, meticulous approach to his patients. He is a very professional perfectionist who tries to ensure complete patient satisfaction. My previous attempts to rectify the dental problem I had were unsuccessful in Sydney, Australia. Dr.Sabadra's expertise and professionalism was the only solution to my ongoing dental concerns. He is able to accommodate overseas visitors on short vacations. I am sure his other patients will agree with the above.

  • Mr. Murry Claire

    Very happy with the result, not only was the dentistry excellent but also the artistry.

  • Mattie Tomasevich
    Sydney, Australia

    14/09/2009 Happy Valentine Day to Dr.Sabadra , Staff. My sister (above) and I came for multiple treatment including teeth whitening, crown and replacement of amalgum filling. Dr.Sabadra is perfectionistand worked overtime to ensure we came away with wonderfull, aesthetically Pleasing teeth. Best dental treatment ever plus we saved lots of money.will be back to get other teeth fixed.Strong recommendationto anyone wanting gleaming gnashers! Thanks……… One word of appreciation for the whole team in the office who takes equally good care of the clients . Thanks you all.

  • Mattie Tomasevich
    Sydney, Australia

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Dr. Sabadra and Staff! My sister and I came to Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre for multiple treatments including teeth whitening, crown and replacement of amalgam fillings. Dr. Sabadra is a perfectionist and worked overtime to ensure we came away with wonderful, aesthetically pleasing teeth. Best dental treatment ever plus we saved lots of money. Will be back to get other teeth fixed. Strong recommendation to anyone wanting gleaming gnashers! Thanks.. One word of appreciation for the whole team in the office who takes equally good care of the clients. Thank you all.

  • Ms. Selma Kriegner (Expat from Austria)
    Mumbai, India

    He is my dentist since we arrived 3 years back, I’ve done all fillings, whitening, veneers. He is very good, I highly recommend him.

  • Mr. Alfred Schmidt (Managing Director, Helm India)
    Mumbai, India .

    Being terrified of dentists all my life, I have finally found one whom I completely trust and who took care of me in an excellent manner. No pain at all and yet we had to do a lot of work, including root canals and surgeries. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who is afraid of dentists.

  • Mr. Peter Forby (Regional Director, South Asia, West Australian Department of State Development)
    Mumbai, India

    Thank you very much for your work which was delivered in a friendly and very professional manner. I can now smile much more thanks to you.

  • Mr. Matthew Norris (Chief Information Officer, Asia, Standard Chartered Bank)

    Now all of my fillings are fixed. I can chew away without worry!

  • Ms. Julie Coote

    This has been a very positive experience for me. I was apprehensive at the beginning - but the dentist and excellent staff put my mind (and nerves) at rest and the end result has been worth the whole effort. I’m very happy. Highly recommended!

  • Mr. Steven Myers (India Manager, Transocean)

    Excellent work to repair two broken crowns. Very professional and excellent, friendly service.

  • Mr. Neville Buhariwala
    Victoria, Australia

    Thanks for looking after our teeth. Your advice is appreciated and your good, gentle hands took our fear away. Will come again on our next trip.

  • Mr. Benjamin Sullivan Australia

    We were fortunate that we were referred to Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Center whilst living in Mumbai, India. The service was very professional and I appreciated the time taken to explain different options and solutions. We have felt comfortable and confident with the dentistry work that has been provided. We have referred to the Centre our friends living in Mumbai, India. Many thanks.

  • Jnez

    Looking great now, feeling better. Great staff and excellent service guaranteed.

  • Mr. Gary John
    Perth, Western Australia

    I came away with a new smile through this wonderful experience and result.

  • Mr. Andrew Mouat
    Melbourne, Australia

    Thank you for all the great care and attention. Excellent facilities, staff and devices.

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