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Rigorous sterilization practices are at the very heart of any world class dental practice. At Dr. Sabadra’s Advanced Dentistry Centre, disposable products are utilized where possible, instruments packed in vacuum-sealed pouches are sterilized in the most advanced autoclaves available anywhere in the world and even the air in the treatment room is sterilized prior to surgery.
RALSONICS Ultrasonic Cleansing Bath
  • Sonic wave technology thoroughly cleanses instruments and removes all debris
  • Cleans even the tiniest corners of the smallest of instruments
  • Debris-free instruments are then placed in autoclave for sterilization

Tuttnauer Elara 10 - Class B Autoclave (Holland)
  • World’s best autoclave and sterilization technology that is used in leading hospitals
  • Steam for effective and efficient sterilization that kills all bacteria
  • Powerful vacuum pump removes all air and seals instruments post sterilization
  • Safety pressure release valve and safety door eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination
  • High precision monitoring and control ensure reliable, consistent and complete sterilization
  • Sterilized storage pouches

CRISTOFOLI Autoclave (Brazil)
  • Instrument sterilization and disinfection
  • Eco-friendly modern design
  • 13 safety systems built in
  • Digital control and safety
  • Meets ISO 13485 (international) standards for medical devices

Durr Dental Suction and Compressor Units (Germany)
  • Dental suction units make vital contributions to dental hygiene and protection against infection in any dental practice
  • Durr Dental Units are the world’s best and have an IS certified removal rate of 99.8%
  • Suction hand pieces regularly sterilized with steam and vacuum sealed in autoclave
  • Modular design ensures maximum patient comfort during procedure

SEPTODENT Cleansing and Hygiene Products (France)
  • World leader in sterilization products

AIREL Nacospray Automatic Fumigator (France)
  • Fumigates the air in the operatories and the office creating a sterile environment

Water Distiller
  • Provides pure uncontaminated water
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